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  • Why choosing RobyNails gels

  • -RobyNails gels are self-leveling, due to their special chemical formula. They do not require any filing, with great savings in time and products. The risk of powder inhalation is avoided and nails are preserved from the damage of filing.

    -RobyNails gels do not contain acids, they do not damage the nail and they are odourless.

    -RobyNails gels are easy to apply, they are spread out like nail polish and they do not leak on the skin.

    -RobyNails gels have a very strong adhesion and they do not necessitate a thick anti-aesthetic layer.

    -RobyNails gels are very flexible and resistant.

    -RobyNails gels are very effective also for nail enhancement with nail form (sculptural nail), nail-biting treatment and foot nails.

    -RobyNails gels are exceptionally high gloss.

  • Are there gels that do not require a UV lamp

  • No. There is a type of gels called "gels without light" but those are not UV gels. They are glues with a catalytic liquid which are short-lasting.

  • Are all gel UV lamps the same?

  • Different gels require different lamps because they have curing time. Some gels need more power (4-6 bulbs of 9w each) because of the different consistency. For our gels, which are applied in thin layers, we recommend to use a maximum of 18w.

  • When does the bulb need to be replaced?

  • The bulbs usually last about 600 hours, but it is advisable to replace them every 6 months.

  • My nails have been done with resin, but I saw them done with your gels and they look more natural and bright: can I convert to your products?

  • Resins and gels are not compatible. We suggest to remove the resin, being careful not to damage the natural nail, and wait a few days to rest the nail before starting the new gel treatment.

  • I work in a bar and I often keep my hands into the water: can I have my nails done with your gels?

  • It is not a problem because these gels are not porous and, when correctly applied, they do not absorb humidity.

  • I bite my nails. Can I use your products?

  • Nail-biting can be treated by enhancement of the damaged nail with gels. It will be necessary to perform a refill every week in order to keep the nail growth under control.

  • Can I use nail polish on your gels?

  • You can use nail polish as much as you want. However, it is important not to remove it with acetone, but with our special solvent that does not alter the brightness of the gel.

  • Am I limited in my daily activities with nails enhanced with gels?

  • There are no limitations and nails will be stronger and last longer than natural nails.

  • Does gel nail enhancement damage natiral nails?

  • This is a general belief that needs to be changed. What damages nails is not the gel system, but whoever performs the job incorrectly or uses the wrong products.

  • How long does gel nail enhancement last?

  • If correctly applied, the gel does not come off. It is of course important to perform a refill every 2-3 weeks to cover the natural growth of the nail.

  • Can we use gels of different brands together?

  • We cannot guarantee compatibility with other gels. Before applying our gel, we suggest to completely remove any other product previously used.



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