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Base Course
The course is designed for everyone who desires to become a nail professional and does not have previous experience or for professionals that already use other products and want to learn RobyNails Original Gel System. Since our Gel System is very easy to use, the basics are extremely fast to acquire. After the course more practice is needed in order to consolidate the techniques. RobyNails experts are always available during this period of practice to answer all possible questions and to provide professional support to enhance your skills and performance.
provide the necessary skills on the use of RobyNails Original Gel System and teach the basic methods for the proper execution of the work.

1 day. After a brief introduction of basic theory, the course will mostly consist of practice, that requires the presence of a model on which the student will perform a complete nail extension with tips.

- Overview of RobyNails Original Gel System
- Anatomy of nails and outline of main pathologies
- Different work techniques
- Nail preparation
- Nail extension with tip application
- Refill and maintenance
- Practical suggestions

During this course the student will use the line of three-phase UV gels of RobyNails Original Gel System. All products needed for the course are made available by RobyNails.
At the end of the course the participant will receive RobyNails certificate of attendance.
  • Nail Course
  • Nail Course



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