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RobyNails offers a complete training program: three levels of courses designed to provide all knowledge and skills to become an expert nail technician:
- Level 1: Base Course
- Level 2: Advanced Course
- Level 3: Master Course

In addition, RobyNails offers two Nail Art Courses on the latest nail art and decoration techniques.

Every course is one day long, at the end of which a certificate of attendance is issued. Since it is important for the student to practice the techniques learned before attending the following level, our courses are organized in separate sessions. The products and accessories needed are provided by RobyNails.
The quality standard of RobyNails courses for nail enhancement and nail art is guaranteed by the professionalism of our teachers and the satisfaction of the thousands of professionals trained in recent years.
Our training program is highly personalized: one teacher has a restricted number of participants so that she can individually follow the students and teach them the correct technical skills.
During the Base Course, the student will perform a full set of nails on her model, in order to properly develop the necessary skills for the use of RobyNails revolutionary Gels. After a short period of practice, the student can then follow the Advanced Course. During this course, the student will learn additional techniques and the treatment of bitten nails. To complete the path to professional growth, after a further period of practice the student can then follow the Master Course, a specialization course aimed at further developing the technicians skills by showing the use of all RobyNails Gels and the more advanced techniques.
During Nail Art Courses, RobyNails provides the tools, products and methods for the art of nail decoration. The student will learn the latest decoration techniques and will be encouraged to use her own creativity and imagination to create precious and luxury nail designs.
Finally, as an alternative to the Base Course, for those who already use other gels and want to learn RobyNails revolutionary Gel System, RobyNails offers the opportunity to attend the Flash Course, which lasts only half a day.
The courses provide a solid base for professional nail technicians and require a period of practice even after the completion of the training program. What you learn will allow you to have great personal and financial satisfaction, as the demand for professional technicians is continuously increasing.

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